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Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat – FOCUSED PLANT MEDICINE


  • A high ratio of healers to guests – 5 healers per retreat
  • Group size limited to 10 people
  • 3 ayahuasca ceremonies over the 5 days
  • An skilled team of facilitators to guide you with processing and integrating your experiences
  • A cleansing steam bath on the first day of the retreat
  • Jain Póiti (banos de florecimento) – cleansing, purifying, and strengthening floral baths
  • Energetic healing massages (where necessary, as part of your healing process)
  • Vomitivos (stomach cleansing) to rid the stomach of some toxins
  • All food and drink – a deliciously simple diet suitable for working with medicinal plants
  • A jungle walk to see medicinal plants in their natural environment
  • Individual consultations with the healers and your facilitators
  • Plant remedies individually prescribed by the healers
  • Group processing and integration meetings
  • Completely private and individual accommodation in simple bungalows
  • Laundry service
  • Translation
  • All workshops facilitated in English
  • Porters to carry your luggage to and from the pickup location to the Haven
  • All transportation to and from the Haven.
  • Many more gift baskets

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Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat

Our Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat. This option is directed for those who are searching a deeper look at the work of shamanism. Many people contact us requesting only a few ayahuasca ceremonies because they don’t have time for a whole retreat which is 12 days or  7 days.

Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat dieta & workshop

We provide a proper diet and special workshops where we teach techniques to help people use their own resources to understand and transmute whatever they need to face without fear. Sometimes people may not feel anything in the first ceremony or they may feel overwhelmed just because they are not used to this energy.

Most of the participants don’t have prior experience with ayahuasca and they need to learn how to navigate. We receive participants from all over the world, many of them for the first time. There is no way to know the sensitivity of each person before the first ayahuasca ceremony that’s why we need to start with a low dose till we reach the right dose for each person.

You will obtain an invaluable chance to heal your spirit, mind and body through the different ceremonies we prepared for you: Ceremony of unification of energies with Coca leaf, Coca leaf Reading Ceremony, Kuti – cleansing ceremony (Energetic cleansing) and Pachamama offering ceremony (Mother Earth ceremony) and importantly 03 Ayahuasca sessions. Additionally,

Additionally, we organized for you an amazing opportunity to clean and calm your body – through steam baths with medicinal plants and relaxation massage and yoga classes. We believe that getting all these activities together you will be able to achieve the holistic change in your life and accomplish the personal growth expectations and goals.


In the center you will have a break from the technology, stress, noise and other negative stimulation. We will provide you necessary care and support during all days of your staying in The Healing Tree. Both shamans and center facilitators duties will help you to pass the whole process of reunification with Mother Earth safe and sound. Both the rituals and harmonic, natural environment will enhance profound self-exploration and reintegration.

We provide a proper diet and special workshops where we teach techniques to help people use their own resources to understand and transmute whatever they need to face without fear.

We will provide you necessary care and support during all days of your staying in The Healing Tree. Both shamans and center facilitators duties will help you to pass the whole process of reunification with Mother Earth safe and sound. Both the rituals and harmonic, natural environment will enhance profound self-exploration and reintegration.


We grow our own ayahuasca plants in a completely organic manner. Our brew is made in the traditional way only with the leaves of chakruna and the vine mariri, psychotria viridis and banisteriopsis caapi. We do not use additives, only pure organic ayahuasca.

Our ayahuasca has a very high vibration and it is very powerful, so we don’t see the need for additives that can be dangerous for some people. Pure ayahuasca when prepared well and done in the right set and setting, along with diet and discipline, is completely safe and very powerful.

This is why we prefer to be cautious and go slowly, preventing overdoses and making sure each person can enter the journey feeling safe, comfortable and protected. When the person finds the right dose, usually during the first or second ceremony, they can go as deep as they desire, getting insights and have a powerful transforming experience every time.

10 reviews for Ayahuasca 5 Day Retreat – FOCUSED PLANT MEDICINE

  1. Wendy

    This retreat is currently rated #1 for a reason. There was not one minute when I did not feel safe and well cared for. The ceremonies were challenging but well worth it. And the support classes were wonderful and very helpful. . But I went to Spirit Vine in April 2019 for 9-10 days. I learned some previously unknown truths by exploring my subconscious mind during the ceremony. Vivid memories I had long forgotten emerged and were quite shocking to me. But the life lessons did not begin until I arrived home. And they continue to this day. My life has dramatically changed since my trip. I’ve faced big challenges I’ve avoided all my life. I see that I’ve been hiding away from the world for decades! And masking the pain with alcohol and other substances. Anything to avoid the pain and emptiness I’ve felt all my life. What Mother Ayahuasca taught me was to run towards what you fear in order to overcome it. She’s taught/reminded me to care for my body. it’s the only one I have. And I have damaged my health. I’ve stopped all alcohol. And i will continue facing my demons of which there are several. I am grateful for this unexpected blessing I’ve received……the chance to return to health and to myself.

  2. Bob

    Amazing healing experience! very experienced educators and facilitators. They compliment each other and were always available to the retreatants. I have left the retreat with the tools I leaned from the workshops which I use almost daily. The retreat also provides yoga classes and massages every other day. The center is very well maintained with daily housekeeping and delicious nutritional, appropriate for the occasion meals. They accommodate dietary restrictions. Also, I want to thank to all the people working behind the scenes for creating this extraordinary experience.
    Heaven on Earth!

  3. Kelyy L

    For me this was a trip I had been moving towards for a long time. More than once in my life I was drawn towards a more professionally guided Ayahuasca experience and now finally it was time.
    I found just the perfect environment. The expertise on the plant medecine, Silvia’s expertise as a therapist and the perfectly organized facility that was built to take care of us.
    Although I already knew this (otherwise I would not have traveled to the other side of the world to do so), during the stay it becomes perfectly clear, that the diet, preparation, workshops, sharing, the group work and environment play a huge role in what ayahuasca can bring you. And afterwards you will not be done. The integration of all that in your life will define the real transformation and you will have to do all by yourself. But you get to still share your challenges, progress tips and tricks with the group you started the retreat with, which is wonderful.
    I have faced my first challenges and overcome them differently, healthier and quicker than before. I am currently in contact with some of the other participants as well as with Tio.
    This makes the journey all the more worthwhile. I have felt safe, cared for, unjudged and comfortable. I applaud everyone at the retreat and am forever thankful for this experience.

  4. Danny

    This was my first experience with Ayahuasca. Conversations and workshops were key to navigating and translating what ayahuasca is really about – the understanding of which has been unfolding over time. Her deep knowledge of ayahuasca and her history as a clinical psychologist was profound – a combination which, for me, made her an ideal guide. As for the logistics, everything was efficiently arranged with careful attention to detail. The sprawling property in the jungles was gorgeous and food was great everyday. In short, being there was an incredible learning experience, one that exceeded my expectations by far.

  5. Lola

    This was my second time at the center and definitely not the last.
    The set and setting is absolutely perfect to allow meaningful and significant processes. From the bungalows to the food and the team and the magical land (pond, trees, plants, sounds of nature). All just so amazing and contribute to both the individual and collective journeys.
    I looked for a place that will be very much in nature, but will be comfortable for me to stay and focus on my journey without worries, Spirit Vine is beyond all expectations. Every little detail I wouldn’t think of has been taken care of.
    I am so grateful I found this place.
    Can’t recommend strong enough.

  6. kloe

    I have just returned from a 12 day retreat at El Sol . One of the best idea of my life. I was totally scared at first, but as soon as I arrived the vibe of the other participants around,made me feel at home almost immediately.
    The experience is definitely hard. But the learning are tremendously huge. You are in the middle of a whole mechanism, orchestrated by Mother ayahuasca, the kindness, support, wisdom, humor, and triggering of Sylvia and Tio, the energy and mirroring of the other participants and the extreme beauty of the luxurious nature around.
    I have just returned home with an open heart and an awaken inner eye. It’s definitely worth the price, and a wonderful place to overcome your fears, and learn new tools. I’ll definitely be back! :–)

  7. Autur

    What makes this place special is the experience of ayahuasca in a group setting, attention where there is no judgement but unconditional support. For this, I am thankful to the team. They created a wonderful environment within which I walked a path towards healing. Each and every person in the group received individual attention. The group energy and support was profound.
    I have only good things to say about Elsol. Managers are trustworthy and compassionate. The crew was hardworking and joyful. Ayahuasca experience was.. beyond words. Everything made my trip nothing short of excellent.
    Forever grateful to have met you guys.

  8. Amber

    I couldn’t be happier for finding the BEST place to try ayahuasca under the guidance of a licensed psychotherapist Tio. She has been key in helping me understand the insights I had during the ayahuasca ceremonies. Let me tell you that it is absolutely essential to work with someone who knows what they are talking about and that doesn’t only come with calling yourself a shaman and facilitating many ceremonies as you would find in other centers. Tio’s background and experience in psychology and plant medicine for decades, her loving and caring approach makes her the perfect guide. Being in this magical environment with likeminded people that are supported by TiO is the best gift I have given to myself. El Sol has become my sanctuary and a big contributor in my spiritual growth. I knew I would come back here after my visit last year and I am already looking forward to next year!

  9. Tammy D.

    Beginning of 2022 I participated in the 9-day retreat at el SOl. It was a wonderful, safe and very peaceful experience and I can highly recommend it to everyone interested in expanding consciousness or looking for spiritual growth and healing.

  10. Phils

    It is almost a month since my journey to El SOl and I continue to feel the effects. Everything about the center and environment is glorious. The retreat is run with impeccable attention to every detail for your spiritual and psychological growth. I can’t recommend it enough if you are looking for a profound and transformative experience — rooting out old patterns and empowering your self. I look forward to returning for more healing and love

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