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Ayahuasca retreat los Angeles

Ayahuasca Retreat Los Angeles

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There are some local Ayahuasca retreat los Angeles &  most of them are underground and is only known through word of mouth. We at El Sol retreats and have many friends in the USA that perform ayahuasca ceremonies. We are here to connect you with them.

As some of the ceremonies are underground, meaning it’s not authorized by the government, thus illegal. You do have the option to book a legal center if you choose, but it might be in a different state in the USA.

Update: We don’t connect with local retreats anymore. Please use Put up a post and request retreat information on that subreddit.

Safety is number 1

-Who is performing it, how long has she/she been doing it for Ayahuasca retreat Los Angeles ?
-Who has he/she train under?
-Who else will be looking over you.
-The number of participants in the ceremony. The less the better.
-The setting of the actual ceremony. A good location should put you in a relaxed and safe feeling. Nature or plants in a room is a plus. Here is how to prep for an Ayahuasca retreat 
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