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What is ayahuasca Integration?

Spiritual Integration,Private Ayahuasca Treatment center https://elsolretreats.com/

Spiritual Integration

When we are young, Spiritual Integration – we often inherit the patterns, habits, and ways of life from our parents, relatives, or those who raised us. We are also heavily shaped by the events in our lives that happen to us at a young age. Ayahuasca can take us back to this time and revisit memories that shaped the way we perceived life, created our values, and shaped our beliefs. When negative events or emotions happened, our tendency as children was to turn away from that pain, avoid it and push it down into our subconscious. This created energetic imprints that we carried into our adult life, manifesting in a multitude of ways and practices, including how we handle stress, our predisposition to addiction, depression and anxiety, and the way in which we connect with ourselves and others. In this work, we are invited to engage with our inner child, and rescue those parts which still carry pain through reflecting upon, integrating, and then releasing the associated negative emotions and their energetic hold on us. By healing the inner child, we heal all that which follows, and can return to a place of authenticity, presence, and peace.

The alchemy of transformation comes from engaging directly with our shadow selves, our emotional pain and discomfort. It is not a process that one can simply “think through” – it is one of the heart, and can only be truly dealt with through the direct experience of the emotions and traumas we’ve been avoiding. When we fully integrate our shadow self, transforming the energy from it and using it instead for life-affirming purposes, we can enter into a state of love and gratitude that can only come from walking through the fire and coming out on the other side. By bringing the subconscious blockages to the surface, amplifying the patterns and processes that no longer serve us, and helping us face it, ayahuasca allows us the ability to transform that darkness into the keys to our liberation.

Ayahuasca Integration means taking the knowledge and lessons learned during your ritual experience and putting it into practice in your life. It can involve changing habits, relationships, or community; approaching life from a new perspective; realizing an increased sense of awareness in your thoughts and actions, or working towards a new set of goals and purpose, as well as other changes in deep psychological processes you may have been unaware of until this point.

You will undoubtedly face challenges upon returning home that test the lessons and insights that you have gained. You may have changed, but other people, situations, and environments will have stayed the same; how you deal with these situations determines the success of your medicine and integration work. El Sol Healing Retreat Center places a strong focus on preparing you for post-retreat life with actionable, solution-focused programs that will help you maintain your connection to the work you have accomplished at the center.

Support for your integration process continues after the ceremonies through post-retreat integration sessions with highly qualified guides who have a foot in both worlds: decades of experience working with these medicines, and a deep understanding of how to bring these ancient teachings into a modern world.

You are also welcomed into El Sol Healing Retreat Center ‘s global community, where you will find continuous support, resources, and fellow guests who have undergone similar experiences and who can help you find your footing as you navigate the sometimes murky waters of the default world.

Integration services can help you learn how to work with your feelings and emotions, how to let go of what no longer serves you, how to recognize signs of healing, and how to effectively incorporate your healing experiences over the long term in your day-to-day life.

Your experience at El Sol Healing Retreat Center can be a touchstone; recalling the experience through daily meditation or other practices can help maintain the perspective you gain from a period of expanded consciousness, and connection to the center through various activities can keep your visions and insights alive.

Activities that promote reflection and connection to the body, nature, and creativity, such as yoga, art, bodywork, and mindfulness practices, can supplement and enhance the benefits you gain at the retreat. Focusing on the body as a vehicle for awakening, and honoring its role in our transformation—something that can often be ignored in traditional talk therapy—can enhance the impact of the medicine and lead to faster resolution of the issues that block full engagement with life in the here and now.

Spiritual Integration,Private Ayahuasca Treatment center https://elsolretreats.com/

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THE CORNERSTONES OF OUR Spiritual Integration

Private Ayahuasca Treatment center https://elsolretreats.com/

We provide practical, grounded, informed content vetted and created by clinical psychologists who have years of experience working with plant medicines and holistic health.


You are never alone! We welcome you into our vibrant global community, which fosters open dialogue, personal connection, and high-quality resources to help you learn from each other and share in the healing process. We follow the philosophy and wisdom of the cultures our medicines come from, understanding that true community and support is a crucial aspect of healing and life. With this in mind, we sat down with Dr. Cavnar, one of our expert integration guides, to provide an overview of the integration process.

Private Ayahuasca Treatment center https://elsolretreats.com/
Personal Empowerment:

This is YOUR process, so you are in charge! Our program includes a guided, customizable journal crafted to help you build your own integration plan. We know each person is unique and so we’ve worked with our expert advisors to create a fun, creative, highly effective framework that puts your goals and desires at the wheel, then makes it easy for you to succeed in making them a reality.

Private Ayahuasca Treatment center https://elsolretreats.com/
Integration Sessions with Highly-Qualified Guides:

On-site and back home, we offer group and 1-on-1 sessions with our skilled integration support team, to help you process, maintain, and enhance the positive outcomes of your experience.

So you’ve had a transformative experience. …What now?

The path to wholeness is a continuous one. While a deep healing experience can jumpstart the process, it is equally important that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to take that experience and apply its lessons to your life.

At El Sol Healing Retreat Center, we hold a high standard for every aspect of the healing process. Our Spiritual Integration Program focuses on providing high-quality aftercare following transformative and potentially life-changing experiences. We design all of our programs with this in mind and are privileged to work with highly qualified professionals to lead the way in Spiritual Integration services. A retreat with us doesn’t end when you head back home – we are committed to ensuring every guest has the support, knowledge, tools, and community to move from a transformed self to a transformed life.

With this in mind, we sat down with Dr. Cavnar, a member of our expert integration support team, to provide an overview of the integration process.